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 Ayrshire & Arran Golf Partnership


BTS undertook three phases of work in supporting the development of the Ayrshire & Arran Golf Partnership. The first phase was an audit of golf facilities and matching these to market characteristics and developing a segmentation model. Golf clubs and course and the tourism sector throughout Ayrshire & Arran were engaged with to assess facilities, their priorities for development and marketing and their appetite for a stronger, private sector-led Ayrshire & Arran Golf Partnership to drive marketing of these assets.

The second component of the commission was to develop the business plan for the Ayrshire & Arran Golf Partnership, generating support for it and the finances to underpin it.

The third phase was to set the company up, recruiting directors and members. Through all phases, BTS worked with business leaders and with rank and file operators and golf clubs to generate their enthusiasm and commitment to the project. 

The Ayrshire & Arran Golf Partnership (A&AGP ) is the new organisation of Ayrshire & Arran Golf courses, accommodation providers, training providers, golf travel trade and industry trade associations working together to develop and improve the market position of Ayrshire & Arran as a must-visit golf destination – to bring more golf visitors here and generate more revenue for all members of the Partnership, and Ayrshire & Arran.

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