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Business Tourism Edinburgh


Business Tourism is one of the most sought after lucrative market segments amongst many destinations in the world today. It underpins reputation and image, supporting economic development, jobs and encouraging investment.

In recent years in Edinburgh, business generates on average a higher spending level, helps reduce seasonality, contributes to regeneration and enhances innovation, creativity and collaboration.
Business Tourism is made up of a large number of activities, including but not limited to meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.

It has been a key driver for hotels and venues and the Convention Bureau and Professional Conference Organisers actively chase conference business for the city. Business visitors spend more in Edinburgh than leisure visitors.

However, the wider tourism sector is often not aware of and not involved in the Edinburgh offer to business visitors. Business tourism clients are looking for deeper engagement with the city. This includes legacy projects - what a conference can leave in the city and how businesses, the economy and academia can benefit from the legacy of a conference taking place in Edinburgh – now an important part of attracting conferences.

Project Outline

Edinburgh Tourism Action Group (ETAG) and the ETAG Business Tourism Working Group have commissioned BTS to develop and design a new ETAG Business Opportunities Guide specifically focussing on business tourism. This new guide will be part of a programme of activity to inform businesses across the destination of the opportunities arising from business tourism.

The guide is being written for all types of tourism-related businesses to improve their knowledge and understanding of the strategic importance of business tourism for Edinburgh and the opportunities arising from the sector and to encourage all tourism businesses to tailor and develop their own marketing and product offers for the business tourism visitor.

This new guide will:

  • Explain business tourism and provide market intelligence on Edinburgh’s visitors and examples of best practise both here and in other destinations
  • Encourage businesses to innovate and collaborate to develop new products which add to the product mix and improve the overall business tourism visitor experience
  • Include information about business tourism in the city and how the process of bringing business tourism activities to Edinburgh works
  • Provide a jargon buster to help businesses navigate the business tourism landscape


Best Practice and Case Studies


We are also looking for great examples of how operators have targeted the business tourism sector, developed great visitor experiences or collaborated with others – and seen the benefits of this investment. .

If you have or know of any good case studies which demonstrate best practice in accessible tourism then please do let us know, Click here to send us your information, or complete the form below.

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