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Culture Heritage and Arts in Argyll & Bute

Project Description


Culture, Heritage and Arts in Argyll and Bute are pivotal to the area’s identity, character and appeal. The sector has many pockets of excellence and brilliance that demonstrate the potential to build on the strengths of the sector and its contribution to the area’s cultural distinctiveness and competitiveness.


While the sector has been diffuse, uncoordinated and geographically dispersed ‘til now, CHArts - Argyll and the Isles Culture, Heritage and Arts Assembly – is working with the sector and the public bodies to address these issues and enhance opportunities to promote culture, heritage and the arts throughout the area.. 


One project that is supported by LEADER and managed by CHArts is to develop the tourism potential of CHArts members along routes in the Cowal, mid Argyll and Oban and Lorne areas, where there are strong clusters of people and organisations working in the sector. To increase their appeal to visitors – and generate revenue and promote the area’s reputation in the creative sector - the project is creating a framework for artists, sculptors, galleries, craftmakers and heritage venues together with others in tourism to create strong packages or bundles of activity, experiences and things to do for visitors. So, accommodation providers, bars, restaurants and cafes, activity providers and visitor attractions will complement the creative community to offer a rounded and quality experience for visitors.


BTS has been appointed to develop these tourism bundles, with a marketing plan and preparation of marketing collateral. BTS is an Edinburgh based specialist tourism and marketing practice with extensive experience of working with the culture and heritage sectors. We are familiar with what makes successful, competitive destinations (see Our brief is to: Enhance visitor knowledge and experience of the range and quality of culture, heritage and arts activity along the designated routes. This includes, but is not limited to artists and craft makers, events and festivals, cultural venues and historical sites..


We’ve been asked to deliver this aim by designing and coordinating bespoke tourism bundles on the Cowal and from Tarbert to Appin, producing a map of the “clusters” of creative and tourism facilities and marketing them and the area. To realize the potential means investment in experiences and marketing that creates a highly competitive culture, heritage and arts proposition for Argyll and Bute.


To achieve these tasks we’re interested in CHArts members and tourism operators who can offer the visitor a quality of experience, while at the same time the project offers the opportunity for active participation in marketing and promotion for all those involved.





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