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Seamus Heaney Business Engagement


Mid Ulster Council in partnership with Tourism Northern Ireland invited local hospitality and tourism businesses to participate in two workshops exploring and discussing how to generate the commitment of a cluster of tourism operators who would participate in, support the development of and strengthen the Heaney proposition for Mid Ulster. They would also build the quality of customers’ and visitors’ experience and of course the businesses would be able to strengthen their own position.

BTS facilitated the workshops and are supporting interested businesses develop a local tourism cluster – – with networking, access to mentor support and learning and adopting best practice in literary tourism from elsewhere.  Copies of the workshop presentations and feedback can be downloaded from the RHS of this page.

A follow up workshop will be held on Thursday 26th November for businesses to be held at:

The Inn Castledawson
47 Main Street 
BT45 8AA

To register for this event and join in the discussion about this exciting opportunity become a member of the Tourism Cluster please complete the form below:

If you would like to more information please contact:  Stewart Walker, BTS, 0131 625 7040 or follow this link to complete our BTS Projects Contact Form.